While you’re visiting Windmill Creek, you’ll want to check out our Millstone Craft Brews created right here on the farm. Our small batch process allows us to create unique seasonal blends and to perfect the crowd favorite classics. Smaller batches equal bigger flavors!

Millstone Pilsner Millstone IPA Millstone Wheat
Lightly hopped, crisp, refreshing taste with hints of citrus. 5.7% abv Bold and hoppy would describe this 60-minute golden beer. Hopped at three different times during the boil and dry-hopped with three additional hops at finish. 6.83% abv Lightly hopped with bright tropical flavors and a hint of spice. 5.5% abv
Millstone Kitchen Sink Millstone Seasonal
A proprietary blend of (bold, light, smooth, robust?) hops and spice that tantalizes the tastebuds and leaves you guessing. Guess you’ll just have to try it! This is a wheat-based beer with a changing variety of seasonal fruits. Lightly hopped and fruit-forward.